Got a question about our church?  We may already have the answer!

Finding a new church is a difficult process.  There are many questions that you will no doubt need to have answered.  While we cannot provide all of those answers here, we do want to provide you with some of the most common questions we receive, as well as the answers to those questions.  It is our desire to give you as much information as possible when you are deciding on making a visit to our church.  If your questions is not listed below, or you find one or more of the answers unsatisfactory, please send us an email by filling out the form on the Contact Page.  Thanks!

What is your church doctrine?

For a basic outline of our church doctrine, please visit the About Us page of this website.

What kind of music do you have in your church?

At Liberty we strive to use a wide variety of Christ-honoring music.  However, we work hard to stay clear of what is termed “Contemporary Worship.”  There are several churches in our area that incorporate contemporary music in their services, and while we are not judging them for doing so,  at Liberty we strive to set our music as far apart from the world as possible.  Our song service uses the hymn book, and our special music is a selection of old and new gospel songs.  We believe that if you desire to praise God in song that you will enjoy the song service at Liberty.

Is there a dress code at your church?

We do have certain dress standards for various positions of leadership and service within our church, and you will see those on the platform dressed in what is termed “traditional” attire.  We believe this is reasonable and is in line with most other organizations religious or otherwise.  However, we do not require those attending to dress in any specific way.  We would simply encourage you to come dressed in whatever you believe to be appropriate for wearing to a church worship service.  Your presence is more important to us than your style of dress.

What programs do you have for my children?

We have a graded Sunday school program for children of all ages.  We also offer a children’s choir program for children up to 11 years of age.  Junior church is offered on Sunday mornings only for children up through the 4th grade.  Nurseries are provided from birth to 3 years of age at all public services.

Why do you only use the King James Bible?

We believe that the Word of God is extremely important.  While we understand that not everyone holds our position on this matter, it has been the decision of this church, from its founding, to use only the King James Bible in all teaching and preaching.  Here are just a few of the reasons we use it:

  • History – The King James Version has a long and blessed history in the English speaking world.  It has been put to the test time and again and has proven reliable.
  • Unity – Since different versions do not always say the same thing, we believe that having an official Bible for preaching and teaching will aid in unity of both the speaker and listener.  In other words, if we are all using the same Bible we will all read the same thing.
  • Copyright – The King James Version is not under copyright, and therefore may be used freely on tracts, literature, and even websites.  Most of the popular Bible translations are copyrighted, and a person is required by law to get the publisher’s permission before using it.  We simply believe that the Word of God should be free to use and transmit to anyone without the publishers “permission.”
  • Translation – Without the desire to get into a long argument on the subject, we do still believe that the King James Version was translated from more trustworthy manuscripts than many of the other translations.  It is simply a question of “Where is the Word of God?”  As for Liberty, we hold that the Word of God is in the King James Version and have chosen it as our official translation.

Please note that we are not looking to fight with anyone about this, or cast stones at those who use a different translation.  However, it is important to us that you understand that this is our position before deciding to join our church.

How long is the preaching?

Preaching styles vary from church to church and preacher to preacher.  Our pastor currently only preaches for about 30-35 minutes.  Our services rarely run longer than an hour.  We understand that people are very busy and try to conduct ourselves accordingly.

What is an independent Baptist Church?

This simply means that we are not under any denominational hierarchy or control.  Our church is self governing and operates under the direction of the Word of God.  Our leadership is made up of the pastor and deacons who strive to serve, feed, guide and protect the flock.