Liberty is a small but growing congregation.  While our primary focus is on the preaching of the Word of God, we also understand the need for programs to augment that preaching and to give individuals the chance to serve and grow.  If you do not see a specific ministry listed below, please be patient.  We are careful in our ministry additions in order to ensure longevity and compatibility with our overall program.

Sunday School

We LOVE Sunday school.  We offer graded classes for all ages, including adults.  Below you will find a list of our classes as well as a breakdown of their ages.

  • Children and Teens

    • Nursery – Birth through 3 years of age.
    • Ages 4-5 – Teacher: Miss Rebekah Ottaway
    • Grades 1-3  – Teacher: Miss Kate Sing
    • Grades 4-6 – Teacher: Steven and Adrianna Shephard
    • Grades 7-12 – Teacher: Pastor Ray Warren
  • Adults

    • Wisdom Seekers (Ages 50+) Teacher: Barry Ottaway
    • Mens Class (Ages 19+) Teacher: Samuel Ottaway
    • Sisters and Friends Ladies Class (19+) Teacher: Mrs. Gay Ottaway
  • Sunday School Superintendents

    • Children and Teens: Steven Shephard
    • Adult: Pastor Ray Warren


Soulwinning and Visitation

The primary task of the New Testament Church is to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.  We support many missionaries around the world, but believe that our area is also our responsibility.  Therefore we have a schedule time each week on Sunday afternoon at 4:30 when we meet and go out into the community to make visits and share the gospel.

We also make our church tracts available for all those who attend our church.  We encourage our people to take some tracts and hand them out throughout the week.  People need the Gospel every day of the week, not just on Sunday!

Children’s Choir Program

From Labor Day through Memorial Day we offer weekly children’s choir programs for two different age groups.

  • Ages 4-6  Our little ones enjoy a structured choir program During the Wednesday evening Bible study.  Parents of these little ones can relax and enjoy the Bible study while their kids are having a great time of singing, games, and Bible instruction.  It is always a joy to hear these precious children sing in one of our evening services.
  • Ages 7-11  Children in this age group meet on Sunday evenings from 5:45-6:30.  They are given targeted instruction concerning the use of their voices as well as basic music instruction.  The young men are taught how to lead congregational singing, ensuring that the next generation will not be without this necessary skill.  In addition to instruction, the young people enjoy a time of fun and games as well.


Ladies Fellowship

Our ladies meet regularly (approximately once a month) to enjoy a time of food and fellowship.  If you are new to our church, or to the area, we encourage ladies to attend this event as a way to meet other Christian ladies and make new friends!  Details are available at Church.


What would you add?